Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn wanderings.

That sounds like weird English, and that's because I rendered it phonetically from herfstwandeling in Dutch. (Isn't herfst such a crazy word? There are 4 consonants together! Try making the sound "rfst".) The Dutchman thinks that herfst sounds just like what it means -- windy, chilly, leafy autumn.

P/S: I've given in. I've started learning Dutch seriously. It's time to knuckle down and stop making fun of this language!

To start with, we bought treinkaartjes to go to the North and South of the Netherlands, all in one day: from The Hague at 10am to Nijmegen to Woerden and back to The Hague at 11pm.

Why did we go all the way to Nijmegen? For a herfstwandeling, or literally, an autumn walk.

The nice lady working at the Nijmegen tourist office suggested two routes to us, and we chose to take Bus 5 to Groesbeek. From there it was a little side path into a park (unfortunately beside a really noisy motorbike practice track, but at least you can't hear it in these pictures).

Looking closer to the forest floor, there were all kinds of other treasures.

Nijmegen is the oldest Dutch town, at 2000 years old. Wow, and when I think that Singapore is only 46...

St Petrus-Canisius Church

St Stephen's Church
In tribute to a season of shorter days and longer nights, candles and lights in the house, and all kinds of warm and filling food, I will spend the next two weeks mostly writing my thesis. So, hang in there and stay patient if I can't churn out long insightful posts unrelated to my thesis topic.

What do you like most about autumn? Or the monsoon season?

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