Tuesday, October 18, 2011

See something offensive?

Don't laugh and promote it, speak out and stop it.

Ah, social media and the power of involuntarily discovering hidden chauvinism. A friend sent me a picture that a friend of hers posted this picture on Facebook, and she was outraged at how his friends (both male and female) so easily took it in stride.

The picture shows a motorcycle that has been modified with an incredibly tacky plastic model of an practically naked woman in a position that makes the rider look like he's, well, riding her. It looks quite realistic so you could almost mistake it for a real woman.

If you've heard of the phrase 'objectification' but you didn't know what it meant, this is a good example. Here women's bodies are literally objects. To use and to be used for decoration and to demonstrate sexual prowess. Is there anything right with this picture at all?

Worse are the comments that came from women. Why do we willingly participate in our own objectification and humiliation? So that we can maintain 'friendships' or so that some guys will think we are so 'cool' when we understand their sense of humour? Instead, if you see something unjust or offensive, speak out. To my friend's credit, she promptly unfriended this guy on Facebook.

You feminists have no sense of humour at all. People, humor and offensive stereotypes are not mutually exclusive. That means, something can be funny and offensive at the same time.

P/S: There's another minor issue that's not so relevant here so I left it out. Ejaculation does not mean conception -- a topic for another post. :)

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