Monday, October 17, 2011

Explaining "thesis" to a 5 year-old.

Him: What are you typing?

Me: This? This is my thesis.

Him: What's a "thesis"?

Me: You know, next year you'll go to elementary school, then middle school, then high school. After that you'll go to university, then another university. Before you can leave that second university, you have to write a thesis -- it's like a little book.

Him: How thick is the book?

Me: Only about this thick (holds fingers half a centimetre apart).

Him: What's the story about?

Me: (Okay how do I explain this!) You know sometimes there's a woman who comes to clean your house?

Him: A femme de ménage?

Me: Exactly. Well in my country some of these femme de ménage also go to university. So they have to ask their boss first, before they can go. That's the story.

Him: Oh. Why do you write in English?


House of Delight said...

hahahah he is so cute!

Sya said...

Memang! And super smart too. :D

orange streaks said...

Awww so cute! Although I personally have little patience for these 'why' questions and may be more likely to say, "You'll understand when you grow up". You did a good job trying to explain though! I've got to develop that patience and effort, otherwise I fear killng my (future) kids' curiosity and consequently their desire to learn. :|


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