Sunday, January 15, 2012

Queen Beatrix covers her hat with some cloth.

In Singapore last week, parliamentary questions focused on the breakdown of MRT services. Yes, everyone lauds us for being First World with everything incredibly efficient, but we had windows broken with fire extinguishers because people were fainting from the lack of ventilation. After that, we talked about lowering the salaries of ministers.

Thankfully, all the Dutch parliament discussed last week was the Queen's visit to Oman and the UAE with her son, Prince Willem Alexander and his wife, Princess Maxima.

Did you notice anything? I thought the headscarf-on-hat was retro! And harks back to the 90s where wearing a songkok under your headscarf was fashionable. But the anti-muslim extremist politician Geert Wilders is calling Queen B out for supporting women's oppression using colourful cloth and pretty brooches.

Maybe he's never flown on Emirates before.
Or Royal Brunei.
This led to a commotion about her bending to these evil Islamic oppressive notions, which she promptly and sensibly dismissed as nonsense, and the Prime Minister has her back.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry -- this is considered serious enough to be raised in Parliament!

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