Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A new year brings a new project! I present to you Open SEAM, a collection of stories from Muslims all over Southeast Asia. It was almost a month in the making and thanks to the awesome computer skillz of the Dutchman, we've got the basic site and domains up and running.

Finding people to write though, is challenging. So far my strategy is to fish around in different Facebook groups, where people neatly classified themselves by ethnicity and religion. A self-reflexive moment: I have to admit that most of the Muslims are know are of the same country, ethnic group and class!

Melaka 2009

A bit of brainstorming and we decided to focus on one theme for January at least: Chinese Muslims who celebrate Chinese New Year! So many other themes buzzing around in my head, but we'll take it slow or as the Malays say it, pelan-pelan kayuh!

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