Friday, July 13, 2012

Is my fast valid?

So in a Malay-language information booklet issued by my neighbourhood mosque for the coming month of Ramadan, I found a series of FAQs on fasting and what nullifies it:

Believers are assured that the fasts of those who use eye-drops and receive injections are not nullified! As for those who suffer from asthma, using their inhalers will also not nullify their fast, according to a fatwa in Singapore, but not necessarily everywhere else.

But this last question just floored me.

Q: What about the fast of someone who sleeps the entire day from dawn to sunset (the length of the fast)?"
A: The fast is valid because sleep is not considered to be a loss of sanity.

Unless you work the night shift, I have serious doubts about the sanity of fasting by sleeping!

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Suhaimi (a musli-mat in SG) :D said...

Sha, i do sleep aft my 12hrs N shift but all the way till break-fast will b just too much. By sleeping from dawn to dusk makes one fasting valid but less rewarding in terms of "pahala". As a matter of fact, it may well be "berdosa" or sinful as he/she will missed Zuhr n Asr prayers. Now, its common of someone overslept n missed sahur but have u ever heard of someone miss iftar/ berbuka bcos over-sleep?


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