Sunday, April 3, 2011

Capture of Brielle

The Low Countries (or what is now the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and parts of France and Germany) were under Spanish occupation in the 16th century. They rose against Spain in the Eighty Years War and on 1st April 1572, the capture of Brielle (or Den Briel) by the Sea Beggars (Watergeuzen) was a historic turning point. People started to support William of Orange against the Spanish Duke Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, starting a chain of events leading to the establishment of the Dutch Republic.

A friend from my specialisation comes from Brielle, which celebrates its status as the first liberated city from the Spanish every year on April 1.

Lunch at Ilona's place

Restricted area for those in costume only

Watergeuzen or Sea Beggars enter the undefended city

ChalkNight on 31 March is the time for kids to vandalise in the style of the Watergeuzen perhaps, but fines apply!

Quite the medieval style to hang laundry?

The Spanish defending Brielle

The aristocratic elite, haha.

Celebratory procession

Captured Spanish men!

My favourite costumes to spot were the nuns and monks

'Hanging' the Spanish leader. Rather morbid, in my opinion.

Games and flea markets

The 'original' city entrance

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