Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Evangelists in Kortenaerkade

In the first few weeks of school last year, I was parking my bike when this old, kind-looking lady came up to me and wished me a good morning. I smiled back at her and thought to myself, wow, Dutch people are so nice! Then she handed me a pamphlet that said 'The Names of God' and I thought, ehh.

The small booklet with a picture of a man supposedly Jesus looking up plaintively to save the souls of us brown, immigrant heathens in the Netherlands. I didn't see her giving this out to white people in the streets.

A few weeks ago I encountered two young men dressed in smart white shirts and black ties in front of one of the students hostels. They asked who lived in these buildings. He also asked me if I knew Jesus and wanted to give me a small booklet.

"No thank you, I'm Muslim." At least they leave me alone when I say that. 

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