Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brown skin.

I baby sit for the most adorable little French boy who just turned five last week. He couldn't tell me when his birthday is, preferring to point out that he had two parties - one at home and one at school. I offered him an Easter chocolate egg from Albert Heijn, and he took the blue and yellow one (because blue is the colour for boys), leaving me to eat the purple and pink one.

He looked at my hands and said,

Your skin is brown but your hands are beige. C'est marrant! (That's funny!)

I explained to him that everyone's palms and soles are paler than the rest of their skin, and that he is all beige because he's light skinned.

But it was just something funny to remark, and soon he jumped up to wipe his blackboard clean so we could play school.

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