Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"If I marry you, would you marry me?"

I rarely talk about my personal life, but I can finally say this, the Dutchman and I are (finally) going to register our marriage! To celebrate the culmination of many events from the past year, here's a collection of all my previous posts on marriage:

Traditional Malay Muslim marriage customs
Mak Andam: the professional bridesmaid
Marriage tips Part I: An easy way to heaven
Marriage tips Part II: Why can't I sip your tea?
Marriage tips Part III: Helping men get into paradise
Marriage counselling

And some experiences on being in a multicolour (I have a hard time using the word 'race', and it's not about 'faith' either) relationship:
Mistaken identities
Interfaith interactions

As for why we're doing it in the Netherlands:
What is civil marriage?

The actual story is actually more complicated, but I have to keep mum (at least for now!). It makes for good stories, but for now, planning for several parties! :)

P/S: An invitation to the party if you figure out the South African reference in the title!

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