Friday, March 4, 2011

Whether the weather.

Since coming to Holland, there's one topic that we constantly talk about: the weather.

I came in September, at the end of summer and it was still delightfully warm. But I remember getting the unpleasant surprise of terrifically cold wind once the sun goes down.

One night in winter after yoga, which was about 7.45pm, I stepped out of ISS and I remember smelling the air and thinking that it smelt just like my freezer at home! Someone told me it probably had something to do with the high level of humidity in the air. In any case, it was beautiful, how the streetlights were blurred in the fog.

And then of course, snow! Every other week in winter, before finally staying around for a few weeks before melting. Great fun while it lasted!

But now spring is finally coming, all the purple and yellow crocuses and white snowdrops are poking out from the ground, and I couldn't be happier. I won't take the sun we have in Singapore for granted again, promise!

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