Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On arranging flowers.

This internship has been the most intense on-site job training ever! And I am loving every minute of it, for the few more weeks or months it's going to last. I started out creating and heading an entire fund-raising effort, including a film screening; now I get to do all the logistical preparations for a conference: press releases, media communication, phone calls to embassies, preparing gifts (bouquets of tulips!) for speakers, and liaising with ISS for the venue and catering.

We'll also be networking with academics and practitioners before the conference, in a small informal dinner, at a monastery where some of the overseas speakers will be staying. The amazing part about this project is how it's being achieved with the many kindnesses of people and institutions, on an almost non-existent budget - truly by the grace of God.

Yes, I'm going to teach myself how to arrange flowers like I learnt how to write press releases! I'm planning orange-purple bouquets, in the same colours as Timor Worldwide (:

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