Friday, March 18, 2011

Conference - a photo an hour

The conference went well, alhamdulillah. I have a lot to say but because a picture says a thousand words, I'm bringing you a photo taken every hour of the conference.

09h00 Registration. Guests come on time, because here 09h30 does not mean 10h00.

10h00 We'd got 140 tulips (lucky day for the florist!) for 7 bouquets in half orange half purple, the colours of Timor Worldwide.

11h00 Panicked call from Febri - the speaker from Canada's MKO hasn't arrived. I call all possible phone numbers from the office, thinking that maybe I forgot to mention to come to The Hague before taking the bus to ISS, and he finally calls the office to say he's in front of the Hilton Hotel. Crisis averted!

12h00 Speakers from Australia, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands speak on different case studies of indigenous communities and their water.

14h00 After lunch, participants break into working groups discuss policy recommendations on international maritime law, indigenous fishing rights and mobilising fishermen into a collective with one voice.

15h30 End of working group sessions. Summed up in three words - Law, Government, and Empowerment.

16h30 I go check on the reception preparation. Ibu Asnat and Ibu Doreen are always working hard behind the scenes to make sure everyone eats and drinks well.

17h30 Conference ends. I need to sit down.

18h30 Reception in the ISS cafeteria. I meet some people with interesting lives.

19h00 Dinner at the office with speakers and volunteers. I discuss with Dan, the speaker from Australia about Madurese fishermen and Singapore's Changi area. He really likes boats!

20h00 Speaking of boats, here is Febri with a kapal pecah (broken ship) of our office behind her. 

21h30 Thank you everyone, the conference was a success!

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Zaleka said...

keep up the good job! hooraaay for SYA and the ISS team!!! and the men too - for cooking the nice looking meals! XD


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