Saturday, February 19, 2011

Solo, the lonely transparent ghost.

The little French kid I babysit continually amazes me with his view of the world. Tonight he asked me in what language do I speak with my husband with. When I told him I’m not married, he said mais t’as un cheri quand meme (you have someone special right?). To him, everyone has someone dear to them in this world – which is a lovely thing of course. And then he showed me a picture of his copine (he’s 4 years old, mind you) very matter-of-factly.

He’s warming up to me, and it’s really endearing. We played a children’s educational game on Wii together (in French!) and it was meant for kids a few years older than him because of the need to read things on the screen, but he breezed through some sections like a pro!

Before I put him to bed I read him a story about Solo, a transparent ghost who has no friends. I asked him if he had ever seen any ghosts, and he said no, because they don’t exist. There goes the joke I was about to make about ghosts being transparent, haha.

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