Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt, post-Mubarak.

I'm feeling terrifically excited for Egypt's success, with Mubarak stepping down today. I wonder what's the specific and special mix of factors that allowed this to happen. If poverty plays a big role in getting people across the demographic to protest, there are friends from Zimbabwe hoping for a similar uprising and overthrow of a dictator.

It's also worthwhile to reflect upon why I feel compelled to comment on Egypt - is it because I've been constantly bombarded by all forms of media (especially social media!) about it? Funny how we can all remember where we were and what we were doing when 9/11 happened? Thomas de Zengotita analyses this phenomenon in his book called 'Mediated', pointing to the media as creating a culture of reflexivity and making us feel that we are at the center of the universe.

Even as planes crash into the Twin Towers far away, we can think that what happened to us at that moment is of equal significance. Even as Mubarak steps down in another country, we can feel that our tiny opinions on this matter is of equal, historic significance.

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