Monday, March 7, 2016

A letter to my future daughter

My dear daughter,

I will give the same to you as I give a boy. They will tell you that a boy should receive two times the wealth due to you, for no other reason that he has a penis. They like to assume that all men are chivalrous and honorable knights, ready to protect and save the women in their lives from their own frivolously irresponsible decisions.

I will teach you that you will receive what you deserve. They might appreciate your talents and your labour for as long as it is useful to them, but then to reassure themselves of their own beliefs, they will continue choosing men as leaders; doing what has always been done. They will not give you any financial responsibility because they are waiting for you to find a man to do that for you.

I want you to learn to do what you are good at, inside and outside the home. They will tell you that any combination of cooking, washing dishes and ironing clothes are more suitable for you. Never you mind that there are hardly any chores that are more suitable for boys and men; it is more appropriate for them to do nothing at home and that instead, working outside the home and giving money is enough.

I will keep your body intact and thriving, to honour its integrity and the natural laws that govern it. They will tell you that if you do not make a tiny cut on your private parts that you will be too wild, dirty, impure, promiscuous and too much to handle. They will say that childhood is the time to enjoy sugar and all other kinds of poisons, forgetting that you will have to grow from these substances. They will keep you out of the sun because a tan makes you dark and therefore ugly. They will keep you from cycling because riding a bicycle will make you lose your virginity, and from swimming because you have to wear tight-fitting clothes.

I want you to know that only you control your own body. They will tell you that if someone touches you, it must be your fault because you did not wear enough clothes. They will tell you that it must have been something you said or you did that gave them the impression that they could take something that did not belong to them.

I will keep you unaware, for as long as I can, of the perversions that men and women will impose on you. They will tell you that your sexless childish body cannot swim in a bikini, dance in a leotard, run on the beach topless, or jump in the sea naked. They will tell you that you cannot bathe naked with your younger brother, who has a body equally sexless. They will use the same reason to prevent you two from sharing a room. They will frown if you expose your childish legs or shoulders at home. They think that if they don't police you now, you will get used to being immodest and will stay like so until you are old.

Most importantly, I want you to love seeking knowledge and to be able to think critically and carefully about anything and everything because nothing is unquestionable. They will send you to school, but because they are not ready to listen to a woman ask questions and do things in ways other than how they have always been done, they will say you are too educated. They will want that which is sacred and holy to them to be equally sacred and holy and unquestionable to you.

I want your soul to shine as bright as it was created to be.


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