Thursday, October 4, 2012

What is?

Unconsciously, I have been writing posts that were mainly to help myself understand certain concepts that have been difficult for me, growing up in an Islamic environment. I always intuitively felt that there was something intrinsically ugly about how they had been taught to me, and my solution was to look up these words in the Quran, using this amazing online linguistic resource for understanding words in the Quran, which replaces probably what used to be a metre-thick book.

I'm collecting them here, in chronological order. Inshallah I'll be getting back here and adding to the list.

What is an Islamic marriage?
What is halal?
What is a civil marriage?
What is sharia?
What is paradise?
What is conversion?
What is abstinence?
What is hudud?
What are jinn?
What is nushuz?


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