Monday, December 26, 2011

White man's burden.

In the festive spirit of things, here are several flyers I found in the church of Sluis, a town in the south of Netherlands. Won't say much since the holiday spirit gives me a short attention span, but just pay attention to the kinds of people that, according to the church, need help (and saving).

Mission newsletter about children

Is Vietnam a developing country?

A special feature on Vietnam!

Reconciliation as a source of peace and justice
Over 60% in Rwanda, Burundi and Congo live below the poverty line.
A growing number of Catholics are asking for more guidance.

Education and training build a country

The fight against poverty gives hope for reconciliation
 African children holding food and toys, being helped by white men and women in Catholic outfits.

Think big, act small.

Children representing various needy continents.
Behind the mask of Brazil
Support missionaries and missionary workers in their fight
against marginalisation and poverty via (bank transfer)

Here we have women pounding, surrounded by animals; old men and women looking miserable, women and children, and children in trees.

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